About Good Ball Network

Good Ball Network is a FREE Sports Team Management Platform. With a primary focus on teams and leagues we aim to add visibility, structure and ability to easily find key pieces to aid in the success of your program. Good Ball Network the new game plan for all team sports. No estimates needed, sign up today and start managing your team.

By Sport

Good Ball Network is officially ready to use for all levels of American Football:

  • Little League Football
  • Highschool Football
  • Semi-Professional Football
  • College Football
  • Flag Football
We expect to fully support Basketball at all levels very soon and will continue to add other team sports throughout the year.


From little league football to Semi Pro Football and beyond. Good Ball Network is the perfect sports team management platform for all levels of American Football. Good Ball Network provides a convenient way to communicate with players, coaches, staff and fans using direct messaging,team and league discussion pages along with public facing team and league pages to keep your followers up to date.

Football Coaches

As a coach you live in the Locker Room. Good Ball Network provides each coach with a locker room page where they can easily create and manage their team. In the locker room you will be able to set personnel, add games and events to your team calendar, upload game and practice film in the film room, add plays to the playbook,Team discussions and add stats in the manage teams players page.

Football Players

As a Football player you thrive off competition. Good Ball Network allows you to find the best teams, leagues and games in your area. The locker room allows you to communicate with team members, prepare for games and much more. We also have some exciting updates to come in the very near future

Football League Owners

As a League Owner you value structure and visibility. Good Ball network Provides public facing league pages where you can share film, photos and updates in one convenient place. Each League page displays the leagues members, teams, team's stats and sponsors.In the Locker room league owners will be able to update their internal members and teams using the league discussion page and by direct messages players and owners.

Finding Teams

Finding teams on Good Ball Network is easy. Click the explore icon on the top right corner, filter by teams or insert the teams name into the search bar.

Creating Teams

Creating a team is done in the locker room. Scroll down to the create a team panel. Insert the team’s information and click create.

Finding Players

Finding Football Players on Good ball Network is straight forward. Navigate to the explore page by using the explore button on the top right. From there you may search a player by name or filter the current results to only show players.

Creating Leagues

To create a league click the Locker Room icon in the top center of the page. In the Lock Room scroll to the create a league section. Fill out the league's information and click create

Finding Leagues

Leagues are found in the explore page. You may search leagues by name or explore leagues by selecting the league filter.